The Squib Load, not a fun experience.

Posted on February 10, 2015 at 10:20 AM

In our classes, we enevidably get to the portion talking about misfires, hangfires and the dreaded squib load.  Our students always ask how will they know when the have a squib load, and I expaling that there will be a more of a "pop" sound with reduced felt recoild as well as a reduced muzzle flash.  This video not only defines a squib load as per the IDPA, but also shows an example of a shooter during a competition experiencing a squib load.  Notice that the shooter doesn't even realize this has happened, thinking it was a misfire.  Good job by the official/range safety officer to notice and stop the shooter from taking anouther shot. 

If another shot is taken right after a squib load occurs a catastrophic failure of the firearm can occur, (it blows up in the shooters hands).  The reason, is that when squib load occurs, the bullet never leaves the barrel, and in some cases gets lodged in the rifleing's lands and grooves.  If you take a follow up shot, the second bullet will hit the rear of the first and "BOOM" not "BANG".

In all of my years of shooting, I have been lucky enough to have never experienced one, but please pay attention for this as the end result will not be pleasant fro your firearm or your hand, and face if it happens while shooting a rifle.

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