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Tony Mullennix is the Chief Instructor of Saber Firearms Training. As a United States Marine in the Infantry, he trained with various weapon systems, including the M16A2 and the M9 Beretta. Combining his military background with his certification as a National Rifle Association (NRA) Instructor, Tony is well qualified to teach you the fundamentals of pistol shooting, including safe firearms handling.

At Saber Firearms Training, we will train you to have the tenacity, precision and speed essential for you to protect yourself and your family in a life-threatening encounter.

Please contact us to inquire about individualized training sessions, customized to your needs. We look forward to hearing from you and becoming your trusted firearms training partner.

Semper Fi!

Why us?

  • Safe, comfortable, and non-intimidating classroom environment

  • Small class sizes for more personalized interaction between you and your instructor

  • Your Chief Instructor is Marine Corps trained, NRA Certified, and highly experienced with real world practical knowledge of various firearms and other weapons

  • Internationally recognized NRA approved courses, giving you a comprehensive training experience

  • We also offer one on one training (outside of NRA curriculum) to further develop your shooting skills